Professional Events: Brutal or Bonus?

I’m getting ready to attend one of my favorite professional events–the annual International Coach Federation conference. This is typically a time I look forward to, a chance to connect with old friends and meet new colleagues who are all committed to a profession helping all the world’s people live up to their potential. It’s a […]Read the full post >>

How to Bring Your Superpowers to Work – Tip #3: Click Less to Connect More

Here’s the third tip in our series on How to Bring Your Superpowers to Work. Click  here to download the tip sheet! Tip #3: Click Less to Connect More What did we do before our phones?” a colleague asked once walking into a meeting. “Uh. .  . we talked,” responded another, pausing for a moment […]Read the full post >>

How to Bring Your Superpowers to Work- Tip #2: Know Who You Need to Know

This is the second of six posts on simple, practical ways you can bring your own superpowers to work, right now. Read the introduction here, and the first tip, Brag on Yourself, here! And be sure to leave a reply at the end of the article with your questions or comments, or tell us what […]Read the full post >>

Three Ways to Make Uncomfortable Your New Comfortable

are you out of your comfort zone?

Are you ready to make uncomfortable your new comfortable? If so, here are three ways to do it. 1. Notice Your Comfort Catches  We can’t create discomfort if we keep deferring to our comfort routines. Do you opt for silence in disorganized team meeting instead of asking, “Guys–how can we get more organized?” Do you […]Read the full post >>

VIDEO TIP: Sign Your Own Permission Slip

Hey—want more help? No matter what’s happening in your life at work, a 30-minute chat with me can help you get unstuck and move forward, fast.  Just hit the button below, and pick a date and time that’s available. Answer a few short questions, and then I’ll call you at the time you picked. There’s […]Read the full post >>

Saying No At Work. It’s An Acceptable Answer

My client (we’ll call her M) is making bold strides in putting on her own red cape and using her incredible superpowers of innovating powerful, relevant business training and meetings that execs actually want to attend. To get where she is, she’s had to say a lot of yeses. But to stay in her superpower […]Read the full post >>