It Ain’t Just Luck: The Key to Success at Work

It's not just luck. Find the key to success at work on

Wear all the green you want—it looks good on you. And rub your rabbit’s foot keychain until it’s bald to the bone–the bunny no longer cares. But it ain’t just luck when you experience success at work. It’s not a sign from the gods, serendipity, good fortune, or a fortuitous happening. You find success at […]Read the full post >>

Contrarian Ideas for Red Cape-Wearing Job Seekers

Contrary advice for the red cape wearing job seeker

In my work as an executive and leadership coach, I primarily spend time with people already in great jobs, helping them find simple, practical ways they can achieve more clarity, confidence, and control of the things they care about most–their success, their business communication and relationships, their rewards and recognition, making a significant contribution to […]Read the full post >>

What to Do Before Your Annual Review: Tip 4

Here’s my final tip–for now!–on What to Do Before Your Annual Review. Have you tried some of these ideas? Or have others you’ve used? I love to hear about what’s working at work–and what isn’t–so please share so we can share with our community! You can reply at the end of this post, or you […]Read the full post >>