Get Clear With The Hollywood Approach: Meet Kristina Paider

The Hollywood Approach by Kristina Paider with Coach Darcy Red Cape Revolution(1)

Wish you could script your life like a movie? Well, my friend Kristina Paider tells us how in her book “The Hollywood Approach: Script Your Life Like a Hit Movie and Live Your Wildest Dreams.” Kristina Paider – known as “KP” – is a world-class marketer and storyteller. Her track record includes overseeing the marketing […]Read the full post >>

Darcy’s Book Club: Recommended Reads for Professional Growth

Darcys Book Club- Red Cape Revolution

Like many of you, I read A LOT. But I don’t have time for traditional book clubs. So I’m always on the lookout for business or personal development books that are: Fun to read (smart but not a slog); With a fresh point of view (whether or not I agree); and Written by authors I […]Read the full post >>