Cape-Worthy: Cool Career Tools (For Free!)

One of the important things at Red Cape Revolution is to make it as simple, practical, and easy as possible for you to take the steps you need to take to bring your superpowers to work and start soaring through your career and life!

Along the way in our journey, we’ll sometimes discover tools and ideas we think you can use! Take a look below, and tell us what you think by replying below or sharing your thoughts on Facebook!


I’m not one who thinks it’s essential to get a huge laundry list completed each day, but nothing builds your confidence better than realizing all you have done–more than you sometimes realize. IDoneThis helps! Every day at a time you set, you get an email asking you to reply with a list of what you’ve done. No judgement; no score, just your list, however you want to record it. Your email then populates a calendar you can look at weeks later if you’d like. I haven’t used the backwards-looking aspects, but have found it’s interesting to take 30 seconds and remember what happened that day.

  • Red Cape Revolutionary Use: What if you used this tool to focus only on a specific goal–for example, speaking up more in the office, or building better relationships outside your company, or exploring a new industry or career path you’re curious about? Then, when the note asks, “What did you get done today?” you could choose just to share only what you did toward that goal. That way, you’d have you day-by-day accountability to make sure you’re moving forward all the time–and you can look back and celebrate all you’ve done!

2. ITunes U

For the millions of us with an iPod, iPhone or iPad, unlimited learning is yours. From our friends at Apple and universities around the world, iTunesU contains a mind-blowing collection of online courses on any topic you’d like to explore, including hot topics like game design, environmental science, and entrepreneurship, from places like Harvard, Stanford, and Northwestern. If you’re already listening to downloads at the gym, in the car, or on the airplane, try spending an hour learning something new. It may open up new possibilities you’d never imagined.

  • Red Cape Revolutionary Use: Feeling stuck in what you’re currently doing, but not sure what might be next? Invest 20 minutes just exploring the topics listed in iTunesU, making note of the ones where you go “hmm. .” Use it as a way to jump start being crazy curious, and get more clarity about what you’re really interested in for the future!

3. Dragon Dictation (for your smartphone)

There was a sad story the other day on NPR about a social worker arrested for delinquency of those in her care. Part of the evidence cited was lack of written documentation after she’d made her home visits. While I know this case is more complicated,  I also know from talking to many of you that getting things down on paper often stops you from moving forward on a project or idea. The Dragon Dictation app on your smartphone is an amazing help here. (There are paid applications for your computer, but I haven’t used those–the phone apps are free.) Press a button to record, and you can talk into your phone and it transcribes your words. Push another button and you can email it to yourself, or someone else. Sure, sometimes it won’t understand your industry terms or names, but it’ll get 80% of it right and in electronic format so you don’t have to start from scratch!

  • Red Cape Revolutionary Use: Have you ever intended to write a summary note of the big meeting you had so that everyone is in the loop–and then you get back to the office, greet the next fire, and never do it? Try this. As you’re leaving the meeting, use Dragon to record your initial thoughts and next steps that you want to share with others, and email it to yourself or an assistant. Then, the note is practically done when you get back to your desk, and you can take a quick review and hit send before the day is done. Your team will love you for it.

4. Free Tips & Tools at

Don’t forget the videos, ebooks, and audio tips right here, including Four Things to Do Before Your Annual Review (yes, that time will be approaching soon.) We’ll soon add more tips and tools here, so tell us what you’d like to see, and we’ll do our best!

Have you used any of these tools? Are there others that are working for you? We’d love to hear about it! Tell us by replying below, or share your thoughts on Facebook!!

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