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How NOT to Be A Commodity: Westley Weidenmiller of Presstige Printing

Westley Weidenmiller & Coach Darcy _ Bonita Business Podcast
Westley Weidenmiller of Presstige Printing & Coach Darcy of the Bonita Business Podcast

What do trust and emotion have to do with the world of printing and direct mail? Well, according to Westley Weidenmiller at Presstige Printing, a whole lot. Wes is the vice president of sales at this family-owned Bonita Springs company, and in this interview, we talk about:

  • How customer service can become the thing that separates you from the competition,
  • How to avoid becoming a commodity in a business that’s become highly commoditized;
  • How local relationships have translated into work nationwide;
  • The emotions of creating—and receiving—a thoughtful, professionally produced communication piece;
  • Working successfully in a family-owned business;
  • What it takes to manage seasonality in a local business;
  • . . .and much, much more.

I know you’ll hear ideas you can apply at your workplace right away.

“There’s an intimacy with the number of pieces in your mailbox. The truth is you have to handle it. You don’t have to handle everything in your inbox or social media. If I do a good job for my customer and I make that piece impactful and it has to be handled, I’ve just given my customer an advantage over other mediums.”–Westley Weidenmiller

Enjoy the interview!

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