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Keeping Tech Safe with Wendi Fowler of ITVantage (formerly The Client Server)

Technology is no longer just in our offices, but it’s on our wrist, in our kitchens, and so much more. But how are we using technology and not letting it use us?Coach Darcy & Wendi Fowler

In this episode, I talk to Wendi Fowler of ITVantage, formerly the longtime Bonita Springs tech firm The Client Server. Wendi and talk about the technology in our lives, the opportunities it brings, as well as the threats that her firm is seeing—and helping to prevent- in the world of cybersecurity.

We also chat about:

  • The latest in technology security for businesses big and small;
  • How scammers are stealing thousands of dollars from businesss (and how you might be helping them);
  • The opportunities for women in technology, and how tech roles are no longer just about coding or security; and
  • How the company’s values and philosphies helped make a 2018 merger deal happen.

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Jay Caudill of WWMR and Coach Darcy
WWMR partner Jay Caudill and Coach Darcy chat in this episode about the firm’s expansion into Bonita Springs.

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