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Tech, Trust & Time with Theresa Fletcher of Hotwire Communications

Theresa Fletcher of Hotwire Communications & Coach Darcy

How often do YOU think about what goes on behind the scenes to bring TV or internet service into your home? Maybe not a lot.

But if you live in one of our local communities whose homeowners associations have recently fired the traditional providers (I’m talkin’ to you, Comcast) and hired tech upstart Hotwire, you’re likely learning a lot, fast.

In this interview, I got to meet Hotwire Communications’  executive vice president and general manager Theresa Fletcher. At the time of this interview, Theresa had recently moved here from the east coast of Florida, and she’s helping how Hotwire’s lay down roots in Southwest Florida while it’s laying down miles of fiber optic cable.

The company’s negotiated and won contracts to be the technology service provider for all their residents at communities at Pelican Landing, Bonita Bay, Shadowwood among others. Plus,  these contracts are often for ten years or more, and so I was curious how they planned to stay current, be profitable, and most of all, continue to serve the residents of these communities well into the future.

Hotwire communications

Whether you live inside one of these communities or not, you won’t want to miss this conversation that’s not just about technology, but also about trust, building relationships, and building a team.

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