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Making Music Matter with Grant Billings of Steinway Piano Gallery

Grant Billings & Coach Darcy for the Bonita Business Podcast
Bonita Business Coach Darcy Eikenberg & Grant Billings of Steinway Piano Gallery

You know what happens when there’s a piano in the room? If you’re like me, you kind of can’t help yourself from touching the keys, or maybe playing a little chopsticks.

Or if you’re at a party, and another guest sits down and starts playing –it’s like magic. They’re suddenly a rockstar.

This is the world my guest Grant Billings helps bring to life. Grant’s the president of the Steinway Piano Gallery in Bonita Springs, the only dedicated piano facility in Southwest Florida.

It’s a third generation business and not only do they sell pianos, but they handle all kinds of restorations, including retrofitting your old piano so it can play music on its own directly from your iPad.

In this interview, you’ll hear:

Grant Billings--piano guts

  • How a career outside of the family business helped prepare him for his role now
  • How the business is a lot more than a love of music
  • Things to keep in mind when you’re new to the area
  • Why “nobody buys pianos anymore” isn’t the full story—and the changing nature of who’s learning to play, and why
  • Why people flock to quality and values, and how we mistakenly think they’re only focused on cost
  • What’s bringing professional Steinway concert pianists right here to Bonita Springs
Our mini-concert at the end of this episode played by Paul Nickademe of Steinway Piano Gallery

Finally,  how could I visit Steinway without asking for a little concert? So stay tuned at the end of the show for a musical treat played for me by Steinway’s Paul Nicodemi.

Enjoy my interview with Grant Billings, president of Steinway Piano Gallery in Bonita Springs, Florida.

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