Creating Business Personality with Cory Bass of Backwater Jack’s

Cory Bass & Coach Darcy at Backwater Jacks _ Bonita Business Podcast
Cory Bass & Coach Darcy at Backwater Jacks

I don’t know about you, but I think the restaurant business seems like a tough business, even in the best of circumstances.

So imagine this situation: You’re the chef and manager of a little waterfront restaurant in beautiful Southwest Florida. But you’re located deep inside one of the largest gated communities in our area, but you’re not associated with the community or its club.

So you’ve got to figure out how to make it on your own when most of the town doesn’t even know you exist.

That’s the situation I talked about with Cory Bass, the executive chef and general manager at Backwater Jack’s. Backwater Jack’s is located inside Bonita Bay, but isn’t part of either the Bonita Bay Club or the Bonita Bay Community Association. (There’s a whole history to how that happened back during the last recession,—ask one of our longtime locals to explain it).

Cory and I talked about:

  • How a business that’s off the beaten path has found ways to survive and grow
  • How he uses email marketing –but with personality!–to drive traffic to the restaurant and build relationships with his customers
  • How he approached a major turnaround in a restaurant
  • Challenges–and lessons learned–about construction & expansion projects
  • The surprising little product that’s costing more than you’d think today

“Inflationary hikes on all goods have gone through the roof. It’s become so expensive to buy products that you either run an exceptionally high cost of goods where you’re losing money, or you pass it along to the customer who’s just as unhappy. . . it’s going to effect lots of the smaller restaurants in the area.”  –Cory Bass

Enjoy my interview with Cory Bass at Backwater Jack’s, at Bonita Bay Marina.

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