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Creating Community with Chris Griffith

In this episode of the Bonita Business Podcast, I talk to realtor Chris Griffith of The Griffith Group at Downing-Frye Realty. She runs the always-active Bonita Springs-Estero Community Facebook group, with over 7000 members. Listen & you’ll learn:Chris Griffith and Coach Darcy of the Bonita Business Podcast

  • Why she’s invested time and energy in social media, and especially Facebook, and what it takes to make it work
  • How to manage the inevitable online trolls–and the unexpected way the group stays civil
  • How the group helps neighbors help neighbors (& how it became an essential resource during Hurricane Irma)
  • How a business owner can start their own group to serve their own community
  • The lesser-known history about why the real estate market is tighter here than ever
  • Which hot topics being talked about in the group right now, including how to make friends here in Bonita Springs, FloridaFind the Bonita Springs Estero Forum on Facebook | Bonita Business Podcast

“If you have a business where people need to learn more or find out more, give them an opportunity to ask, and give other customers an opportunity to answer–that’ll be your tribe.” –Chris Griffith

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