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A Special Note

We’re releasing this episode in late April of 2020, which has turned the world topsy-turvey due to the coronavirus pandemic. We recorded this interview before the virus was worldwide news.

But the world’s changes have put an increased focus on technologies and tech businesses. Because of that, Alex and I recorded a bonus episode in April 2020. You can listen to that here. –Darcy

One of the reasons I started this podcast is to tell the story about how our area was becoming more than just a gorgeous vacation or retirement community. I had started to see how many interesting and different businesses were thriving here, and I wanted to go behind the scenes to tell more of those stories.

My next guest and I share this goal of wanting to spread the word about the opportunities in Southwest Florida, and he’s zeroed in on the fast-growing tech community.

Meet Alex Allen, who’s the co-founder of the Two39 Group, a tech startup hub that owns Two39 Work, a co-working and connection space for tech companies and entrepreneurs, in an office space not far from the Pelican Landing community and NCH’s Bonita emergency room.

At the time of this interview, the coworking space just celebrated its first year, home to several tech professionals and entire entrepreneurial companies. As you’ll hear, Alex has an entrepreneur’s passion with a heart for our local community—after all, the company’s called 2-3-9—ring a bell?

But beyond the coworking space, he’s focused on creating opportunities to connect, engage support and even fund the sometimes hidden tech talent we have here in Southwest Florida –and there’s a lot more of that than you might think.

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