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Adam Botana tells me that one good day on the water is worth a thousand words. Adam Botana at Bay Water Boat Club on the Bonita Business Podcast

Well, if you’re listening to this episode right when it comes out in April 2020, you know that we’re all ready for one and hopefully many more good days soon, when the threat of the coronavirus is vanquished for good.

When that will be? We don’t know. But it will happen—I know it.Bay Water Boat Club on the Bonita Business Podcast

This conversation with Adam Botana was recorded prior to this stunning shift in our lifestyles and economy here in Southwest Florida, and of course our state’s stay-at-home orders are impacting his family’s company, Bay Water Boat Club, as they are yours, mine and so many others.

Adam’s also running for Florida state representative, which at present is still scheduled for a primary election in August. In this conversation, we talk about the other crisis that drove him into the campaign—that red tide/blue green algae nightmare of a few years ago.

Remember that? It seems tame right now, but it was devastating to so many businesses in our area.

But  I’m remembering how those businesses bounced back, and it gives me a dose of hope right now.

Here’s to everyone opening back up soon!

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